morricone in love


In a fusion of live music and cinema, Italian ‘Giallo’ films provide a sublime backdrop as Fiona Staniland and band explore the haunting wordless female vocalize of Edda Dell’Orso and the psychedelic lounge tripiness of Ennio Morricone’s cult erotic thriller scores of 1968-72.

Expect a triptastic mix of hypnotic jazz rhythms, bossa beats, soaring soprano and avant garde expressionism – all to a stunning backdrop of the original film visuals.  Think Alain Delon wrestling 6 foot black eels off the Sicilian coast, 60 year olds in ecstatic orgies and naked women found dead in fridges…plus other rare treats.

Photos by Agnieszka Ramm

I thought it couldn’t be done, or that no one would ever dare attempt the classic Giallo wordless jazz sounds, but there she was on stage, dressed as the Woman In A Lizard’s Skin, charming us all with her introductions and blowing us all away with her fine interpretations of souring, erotic vocalize. The near impossible has been successfully achieved and all the audience just wanted was more, more, more.
— Jonny Trunk, Broadcaster, DJ, Author, Trunk Records
Great Morricone film scores live, with Fiona Staniland mastering those ethereal wordless vocals - Is it Jazz? Is it Pop? Is it Classical? - No it’s Italian! Behind the band, well selected visual moments from the weird and wonderful world of Giallo movies, highlight strange Italian obsessions with physical perfection, sex and death in bizarre settings, or fashion (when there are any clothes). The attention to detail in these films is echoed in the spot on singing and playing of Fiona and the band.
— Jerry Dammers, The Specials, The Spacial AKA Orchestra
One of the best nights I’ve had for ages - really! A magical mix of some of the most under-rated and underplayed parts of the epic Morricone catalogue coupled with clips from films I never thought I would see...The images alone would make it a fun evening…The fact that alongside that you’ve got this amazingly beautiful vocal instrument and sensual, weird, tripped out music is the icing on the cake. Even if I wasn’t a Morricone nerd I’d still have had a fantastic night!
— Daniel Pemberton, Film and TV Soundtrack Composer
Immaculately conceived, Morricone in Love! leaves an indelible imprint on the imagination and the soul. Even now, three days after the show, the scenes and accompanying melodies of such sublime and hypnotic beauty are swirling in my head. Utterly unique, this is an experience not to be missed.
— Syed Rahman, Screenwriter, Vertigo Films
A beautiful and sexy show. I was transported to a place I’d like to spend a lot more time, full of Italian romance and great clothes - on singer, band and screen!
— Warren Malone, Film Director, London

Vocals, Keyboard / Fiona Staniland
Keyboard, Orchestration/ MD / Nick Ramm
Brass, Wind and Guitar / Gerry Hunt
Guitars / Jon Gingell and Jonny Phillips
Bass and Double Bass / Tom Mason
Drums / Chris Preece
Lighting Design and Projections / Jonathan Unsworth

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