OST 04.02.2012 

"Soundtracks, library music and other dirty smut with Jonny Trunk. Today he’s joined by Fiona Staniland, Morricone fan and now artist interpreting the wordless work of the maestro. Over the last year Fiona has been developing a show simply called “Morricone In Love” where, backed by her quintet (and the original films), performs the stunning music written for the underground Giallo movies of the 1968 – 1972 period. Fiona also treated us to a live performance of a couple of her favourites in anticpation of her sold-out show at Richmix in Bethnal Green Rd. And all this in spite of Robin and Kacper’s failed attempt got Jonny’s ancient Copycat echo machine working and provide the lady with some reverb. It’s probably still in the Resonance skip if anyone wants it…" (And no paper in the ladies).



14th February 2016, La Lucertola rehearsal footage for 'Morricone In Love' at The Electric's Valentine's Special


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