Fiona Staniland is a singer, actress and producer who lives in London. 

Cinescora flip the art of cinematic scoring on its head: singer and band perform in front of the screen and original film footage is re-cut into vignettes to suit the track. With all the excitement of live music and fresh engaging vocals the film images provide the prefect visual background – but the music is hero. Cinescora shows are suited to all manner of music, cinema and festival venues around the world.

Fiona's cabaret production company f'eatre have performed at the Edinburgh Festival and in London. Shows have included Je t'aime Serge Gainsbourg a personal homage which combines live music, anecdote and vintage film footage. Darlene Meitrich – the one that Didn't Make It to Hollywood, explores the songs of Dietrich and Weimar Cabaret from the perspective of a character who got stuck in Nazi Germany as the Berlin Cabaret scene crumbles around her.